Nayax developed a complete solution for unattended retailers - increasing revenue with
 our proprietary cashless payment and loyalty solutions while decreasing operational cost
 with our management suite. We want to help you accelerate your business bottom line
with our award-winning platform.

  1. VPOS Touch Device
    VPOS Touch Card Reader Set
    Unattended POS
    $449 Regular Price $599
    / per unit
    Not including monthly fees
  2. Nayax Onyx
    Unattended POS
    $449 Regular Price $599
    / per unit
    Not including monthly fees


  • Plug and play solution
    Our readers provide you a future proof 4G LTE solution, accepting any dominant payment method (EMV of course).
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  • Complete loyalty and cashless payment system increases your revenue by up to 40%.
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  • Higher machine availability
    We monitor our services 24/7*365 to ensure your business is always operational.
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  • Manage everything, easily
    Enjoy our complete customizable management, alerts and report suite and see a decrease of up to 20% in operational cost. Check out our university to easily learn how to utilize our solution.
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How to buy?

  1. Choose the right set for you
  2. Select your monthly service and calculate processing fee, by answering a few questions about your business
  3. Choose shipping method and pay
  4. If you are a new customer, sign a contract and complete our short KYC (Know Your Customer), which will take about 2 minutes
  5. Install and start earning more money - we will send you the product and create a user for the system


  • Point of Sale
    Based on quantity
  • Monthly Service
  • Processing Fee
    2.5% -5.95%
    Calculated based on your provided information

What Our Clients Say

The online purchasing experience was really simple. The shipping turnaround was faster than expected. Looking forward to purchasing more! Sam Ingram, Assets Rule Vending Co.
We have been working with Nayax as our preferred cashless payment partner since the incorporation of our young company in 2015. Nayax has consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of service, the variety of cashless payment options supported, and their secure transactions. We look forward to expanding our partnership and reach as we plan to more than triple the number of robotic food micro bakeries in 2021. Benoit Herve, CEO & Co-founder, Le Bread Xpress
Cashless is built into all of our deals. Every new machine we send out has a Nayax reader. We made that decision a couple of years ago but now, as a consequence of COVID-19, the demand for cashless is unprecedented. Many retailers are simply refusing to take cash. Westways Vending
Cashless is much easier for us. We don’t have to handle coins and that has a lot of benefits, for instance in lowering our costs and helping to eradicate fraud. Having Nayax on board eliminates those issues. Westways Vending
The promotional activities that Nayax has enabled us to deliver are transformative for our growth. With the loyalty programs we have seen our sales steadily go up and we’re noticing more regular customers. We’re really happy with the progress and view Nayax as a partner in our continued success. T Vend
By using Nayax telemetry Blue Pod is able to manage the supply chain of consumables required by client, instantly collect accurate billing data and provide first in class service partly due to telemetry providing machine performance and error warnings. Blue Pod intention is to fully integrate telemetry into the business process numbers. Blue Pod Coffee
The backend system of Nayax is very robust and easy to navigate. The units themselves are easy to install and are working well. All in all, we are very happy with the entire package. Trolley House