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How to choose your Nayax device, and what to expect after purchasing!


Choose Your Cable Type

Choose your cable according to the type of machine you have. If you have vending machines, choose MDB. If you have any other type of machine such as massage chairs, washers and dryers, or kiddie rides, choose Pulse.


Select Your Cable Length and Cellular Provider 

Our standard cable length is 3 feet. If you need a longer cable for your MDB application, choose the 9-foot-long cable. All of our devices support the Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile cellular networks. Select the cellular network that has the best connectivity in your region


Calculate Your Monthly Payment Processing Fee

If you are new to Nayax, select the price of the cheapest and most expensive products you offer. This will help us determine your monthly processing fee.


Choose your Service Packages

We offer two service packages: Cashless & Operations and Cashless, Operations & Inventory. The standard package (Cashless & Operations) costs $7.95/month and includes a Management Suite that allows you to analyze sales data, receive real-time machine alerts, and more. The Cashless, Operations & Inventory package costs $9.99/month and includes everything in the standard package plus an inventory functionality that enables you to accurately track your machine inventory via the Management Suite


Know Your Customer (KYC)

If you are new to Nayax, you will need to fill out an initial agreement form that includes selecting your industry. Based on the industry you select, you’ll receive a specific KYC (Know Your Customer) Form in which you’ll provide us with information about your business, financial details, your address, and more. The KYC will need to be approved before you can start using our services.



Once you have chosen your desired solution and your KYC Form has been approved, you’ll begin the onboarding process and set up your devices. Once they’re set up, you’re ready to go! You can use all of Nayax’s features and functionalities to start improving your bottom line right away.

Thank you for choosing Nayax as your payment solution provider!

We look forward to being your unattended technology partner.
Nayax Onboarding Team