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Here’s what to expect after purchasing your Nayax device(s):


Starting the Agreement

You will be redirected to the service and/or clearing agreement(s) after completing your purchase.

Then, you will get an email from with a link. 

We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox rather than Safari. 


Filling out the Agreement

You will need to fill out the agreement by adding your business information, reviewing proposed fees, and choosing the correct payment details.


Agreement Details for Legally Registered Businesses

When filling out the agreement details, please ensure that you include the correct legal business name and Tax ID number as this information will be needed during the Know Your Client (KYC) onboarding process.

If you want to use a business name on the agreement you must have a registered legal business, which means one that is:

1) incorporated with your state

2) has an associated federal EIN, and;

3) has a business checking account that matches the legal business name. (This applies to all entities which are not individuals).


Agreement Details for Sole Proprietors

If you do not have an incorporated legal entity / business, please select “Sole Proprietor” when you start the agreement and enter your legal first and last name for the agreement to be under (you can add a DBA name for your Nayax account in brackets).

You will receive your sales payments from Nayax to your personal checking account registered under this same name.

Please note that if the data provided is incorrect, you will be asked to resubmit the agreement and go through the KYC process again, further delaying your onboarding.


If you are under 18 years old, please note that we require that a parent or legal guardian co-sign the agreement, by adding full name, date and signature to the agreement. We reserve the right to decline the onboarding of minors in case such signature is not provided or for other reasons, at our discretion.


Submitting the Agreement

After submitting your agreement, you will be redirected as well as receive another email from with a link to fill out your KYC form online and upload the supporting documents (applies only to clearing agreements).


Nayax Management Portal

Once your Agreement is signed and KYC is approved it will be reviewed by the compliance department. If there are no follow-up questions, this means that compliance has approved your account, and that your order will be placed in our set-up team’s queue to process.

You will get an email with your username and password for the Nayax management portal once your account is setup and your devices are operational.

Thank you for choosing Nayax as your payment solution provider!

We look forward to being your unattended technology partner.
Nayax Onboarding Team