1. What payment types do you support?

Nayax has a dedicated payment integration team to connect to any dominant payment option in every country. Additionally, since we are a global company we always stay ahead of the curve and offer the most secure payment methods and known payment options to increase our customers growth.
In the U.S we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, ApplePay, SamsungPay, Alipay, Student cards (CBORD, OneCard).

2. Which protocols do you support?

We support all the known machine protocols such as MDB DEX , VCCS, CCI, Pulse, as well as our proprietary Marshal protocol to connect easily to a PC based machine. By choosing the correct set you will be able to connect your machine to our all-in-one telemetry and cashless payment device and start accepting cashless transactions.

3. How easy is it to install a device?

In many cases, installation is plug & play.

Upon receipt of your Nayax device, you’ll find all the information needed to install your device, as well as how to contact customer support for any additional help.

4. Which machines do you support?

We support all types of machines including MDB, Pulse, and PC based machines.

5. After installation, how do I get started?

Nayax's onboarding journey will guide you through our system to take advantage of everything our platform has to offer. From Nayax’s Smart Tips, which will be your guide through oour system to our online university that will enable you to learn our complete solution easily.

6. Which type of support do you offer?

Nayax offers the best customer support available. Contact us via email, phone or chat on our website to immediately interact with a customer support agent.

In addition, we have an online Nayax University – free to all Nayax customers – to give you additional resources to learn how to operate Nayax in your free time.

When you reach out to us, we answer!

7. How will I get my money?

The funds will be transfered at the end of each payment term - weekly to your chosen (in the contract) bank account. Nayax helps you reconcile your funds by machine. You will recieve an invoice at the end of each payment term that consist of funds during the previous payment period minus our monthly service fee per machine.

Payment term - Weekly
8. What do I need to do to start working with Nayax and accept cashless payment?

Per fiscal and banking regulations, every new Nayax customer needs to complete an onboarding & KYC (Know Your Customer) process. In order to receive your processing funds, please complete the KYC forms. You will be walked through this process after completing the purchase process.

9. Shipping info

At the end of your purchase, you can choose your shipping options, and where you want your devices to be shipped.

10. What should I do when I receive my device?

Simply install the device and you will receive an e-mail with user activation instructions to our management system. In the device box you will find all the information you need to install the device.

11. How can I return my purchase or ask for assistance?

Simply write to support@nayax.com and we will answer you shortly. You can also chat with us on the website!

12. Is my device covered by a warranty?

We provide a limited warranty period of 12 months for your VPOS Touch device. In the unlikely event that your device needs repair service or for additional information, please contact us at support@nayax.com. In your contract, you will find the Limited Warranty Terms and Limitations.

13. What should I do after completing an order?