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Why Nayax

Boost Your Business With Nayax's Comprehensive Solutions

Our mission

Our mission is to improve our customers' revenue potential and operational efficiency. We do this with our four-sided approach that provides you with: integrated POS devices, cashless payment solutions, a management suite, and consumer loyalty programs.

We have offices in 15 countries around the world and a global, award-winning support team. We also provide training materials such as courses at Nayax University, webinars, and video tutorials, so that you can stay up to date on all of our new product features.


We put customers at the center, providing them with high quality products and services, developing relationships with them, and building a sense of community that connects us around the world.

Optimize Your Business with Remote Management

Manage your business anytime, anywhere. Set customized smart alerts that help you stay on top of your machine, inventory, sales, consumers, and more. Lower your operational costs by automating manual tasks.

Transform Customers into Advocates with our Consumer Engagement Platform

Create personalized punch card campaigns or discounts and provide instant refunds. Enable customers to receive a top-up bonus when they charge your prepaid card, and boost customer engagement with our consumer engagement platform.

Increase Revenue with our Global Cashless Payment Suite

Accept multiple cashless payment methods in multiple currencies. Make sure you never miss out on a sale by offering a variety of payment methods, and letting your customers choose how they pay. Nayax's card readers accept: swipe cards, chip cards, digital wallets, mobile NFC payments, QR codes, and prepaid cards.

Improve Customer Experience with an Integrated POS

Nayax's card readers are more than just payment acceptors: they are a complete, integrated point of sale. With a multi-lingual interface, voice interaction, a color touchscreen, and convenient payment, you can improve your customers' experience. Our card readers have plug and play installation and can be installed on any automated machine.

C o m i n g S o o n

Bolster Your Business with Pay-As-You-Grow Financing

Get your Nayax card reader(s) for £0 up front and guarantee your growth with a personalized, revenue-based repayment plan. With funding from Nayax Capital, you will only pay when you make money, ensuring your business' growth and success.

Nayax is committed to its customers. Our goal is to help you grow your business.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.