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A One Stop Shop for Any Type of Business

We offer a complete solution for your unattended retail business.

Boost Sales

Never miss out on a sale! Start accepting any cashless payments with Nayax's card readers, allowing your customers to choose their preferred payment method.

Optimize Your Operations

Manage your machines, inventory, and sales remotely with a business management app. Customize alerts so that you can stay on top of everything anytime, anywhere. With plug and play installation, you can easily install your card reader on any machine and start accepting cashless payments.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Reward customers with personalized discounts and promotions and improve their shopping experience, ensuring they return again and again. 


Manage your machines and inventory with product maps and picklists. Increase efficiency, lower operational costs, and boost your sales with cashless payment acceptance and customer loyalty programs.


Allow customers to do their laundry anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about having exact change. With a Nayax card reader, you can increase sales by making your service more accessible and convenient to customers.

Kiddie & Amusement Rides

Don't worry about parents running out of change: with cashless payments, your customers can pay with just a tap of their card so that their kids can enjoy as many rides as they want.

Car Wash

Boost your car wash business with cashless payment acceptance. Increase customer return with punch card campaigns and other rewards.

Office Coffee Services

Serve high quality coffee to employees with easy, convenient, cashless payments. Can accept both open and closed loop payments.

EV Charging Stations

Accept open, cashless payments at your electric vehicle charging stations. Allow drivers the comfort of knowing that they can pay for a charge whether or not they subscribe to a service.


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Easy fair collection at bus and train stations. Allows customers to pay for their ride with a credit card and ensure that anyone can use public transportation.


No need to collect cash payments in person. With Nayax's card readers, you can accept cashless payments at your parking lots.

Ticket Machines

Accept cashless payments for your tickets. Increase your ticket sales with Nayax's card readers.

Massage Chairs

Help people relax with easy, cashless payment acceptance on your massage chairs.


Accept cashless payments at your kiosk. Increase customer satisfaction with a convenient payment method, decreasing wait time.

Public Restrooms

Make public restrooms more accessible! Accept any cashless payment method and make coins a thing of the past.

Photo Booths

Accept cashless payments at your photo booths and help people create unforgettable memories.


Nayax card readers allow you to easily collect donations for your cause via cashless transactions.


Help drivers maintain tire pressure and clean their cars with easy and convenient payments.

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