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Manage Your Business On the Go

Nayax's management suite allows you to manage all aspects of your business anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of your machine, inventory, sales, consumers, and more with Nayax.

Optimize Your Business

With smart alerts, you can stay on top of your business at all times, lowering your operational expenses. Nayax's management suite also collects and analyzes data, helping you make data-driven decisions for business optimization.

Terminal Management

  • Set up custom alert thresholds, receive real time alerts and events
  • Initiate remote software updates
  • Manage machines and POS

Data Management

  • Collect and analyze valuable data on sales and more
  • Easily turn your data into visual reports and save them on a customized dashboard
  • Make data-driven decisions

Vending Management

  • View stock levels and generate picklists
  • Optimize field visits with product maps and management
  • Monitor machine performance

Consumer Management

  • Improve customer experience with seamless, cashless transactions
  • Reward your customers with personalized incentives
  • Increase customer return with punch card and loyalty campaigns
  • Configure e-receipts

Sales Management

  • Manage, view, and filter payment activity
  • Accept multiple payment methods in multiple currencies
  • Accept secure payments, lowering the risk of theft and fraud