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VPOS Touch Card Reader Set


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Compact, eye-catching, contactless payment
& telemetry device

  • Increases your revenue by up to 40% 

  • Contactless device for use with debit, credit,
    prepaid cards, QR codes and mobile NFC payments

  • Attractive, compact design to fit smaller machines

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    1-year warranty

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Why VPOS Touch?

VPOS Touch is Nayax's award-winning all-in-one solution for unattended machines, helping operators increase revenue and lower operational expenses.

  • Never miss out on a sale with cashless payment acceptance
  • Stay on top of your business and inventory anytime, anywhere
  • Engage with your consumers and encourage them to buy from you again
  • Make data-driven decisions base on data acquired through our telemetry system

Multiple Payment Methods

Give consumers the opportunity to pay with their preferred payment method.

  • Debit and credit card

    Swipe, contact or contactless, EMV chip cards
  • Prepaid cards and closed environments

  • Mobile & NFC payment

  • Static and dynamic QR codes

Increase Your Sales with Consumer Engagement

VPOS Touch enables operators to communicate with their consumers more directly and nurture loyalty. With Nayax's Management Suite, you can run marketing campaigns like digital punch cards, happy hours, and other personalized discounts and promote them on the color touchscreen's idle mode.


Easy to Install

The VPOS Touch is easy to install and can be retrofitted on any vending machine or other unattended machine. All software updates are done remotely.

Color Touchscreen

A high-resolution color touchscreen with language selection and voice interaction which boost consumer engagement.

Sturdy Materials

The hardware and screen are durable and highly secured to prevent vandalism or other damage.

Support & Training

Award-winning support team available 24/7 in multiple languages and free training courses and webinars available at Nayax University.

Technical Details

    Installation Environment

  • Operating Temperature
    -20°C to +55°C / -4°F to +131°F
  • Storage Temperature
    -30°C to +85°C / -22°F to +185°F
  • Humidity
    25% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Dust & Water Resistance
    IP 55
  • Flammability
    UL-94 V0
  • Safety
    CE, FCC, RoHS

    Physical Dimensions

  • Height
    105 mm / 4. 1 inch
  • Width
    84. 7 mm / 3. 3 inch
  • Depth
    45. 3 mm / 1. 78 inch
  • Weight
  • .
  • .

Interface & Management

  • Display buttons
    Color Touch LCD screen 2.4 inch, 320 x 240 Pixels + 4 LEDs + 6 touch buttons
  • Architecture
    ARM Technology – 2xCortex, 32 bit, 180/216MHz
  • Audio
    Speaker + Buzzer
  • Localization
    Multi language support - LCD text & voice audio instructions
  • Security
    Support DES, 3DES, AES, RSA, ECC, SHA1 algorithms, Random Number Generator
  • Power Supply
    12-42V DC, 12-24V AC; 5 Watts, Recommended External Power Supply: 24V DC / 2Amp
  • Anti-vandal
    Internal shock/tilt detector, anti-vandal Dragontrail glass
  • Power Loss Protection
    Super Caps with safe shutdown mechanism
  • External Interface
    Ethernet, 2 X RS232 (RS232 or TTL level through SW), External reader, 1 X Door open sensor , 1 X Temperature sensor
  • Pulse Input/Output
    6 pulse input/output interfaces + 1 Inhibit input
  • Communication
  • Machine Protocols
    MDB / DEX / DDCMP / Pulse / VCCS / JVMA


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VPOS Touch Card Reader Set

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