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Financing that Guarantees Your Growth

Select Nayax Capital at checkout and receive interest-free financing towards your purchase.  

Existing Customer?

Our pay-as-you-grow financing allows you to gain access to unprecedented, personalized financing offers based on your past performance. This will help you substantially grow your business with no risk.

New to Nayax? 

We level the playing field for new business owners, allowing you to start a business with low initial costs and high returns. 

How does it work?

When you check out with Nayax Capital you pay $0 up front with:

0% APR

No payment schedule

No late penalty

No additional costs or fees

Get approved in seconds

You will receive your personalized offer at checkout.

Automatic repayment

A percentage of your sales will be deducted every billing cycle until the device is paid in full.

Yes, it's really that easy.

And no, there are NO hidden costs.


Term and conditions apply.