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When you work with Nayax, you only have one point of contact for all
of your business needs. We'll help you:

Increase revenue by 30%


Lower operational expenses


Increase operational efficiency

Save time


Retain existing customers & Grow your consumer base

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Over 72,000 business owners have chosen Nayax

Nayax's comprehensive solutions enable you to have one point of contact and one management platform for all of your business needs. We've got your back so that you can focus on running your business.

"Cashless is built into all our transactions. Every new machine we ship has a Nayax reader. We made this collaborative decision a few years ago, but now, as a result of COVID-19, the demand for cashless payments is unprecedented. Many retailers simply refuse to accept cash."

Ian Baker Westways Vending

"The Nayax VPOS Touch was packed with features that blew away the competition."

Sagar Malik Tap N Go Pty Ltd, Australia

"Nayax has given us the confidence that we can check all our machines daily and know that they are all in working order."

Jason McKiernan Gecko Vending, Australia

"After three years of experience with the Nayax payment solution, we are fully convinced that this was just the first step in implementing more and more digital solutions for our customers, because the ability to meet their requirements is a priority for us."

Fritz Kaltenegger Café & Co, Europe

"One of the main reasons we chose Nayax is their amazing telemetry software. We can control all our machines in different parts of the country live from the phone and from the office."

Omar Darouiche, Ireland

"Within the second month of operation, we saw an increase in sales of approximately 65-70% per week."

Bernard Streeter S and S Vending, Kansas, USA

"Customer response is overwhelmingly good. The system is truly seamless. Customers are literally banging on doors and windows. They apply a card and it's ready."

Dominique Lummus Koala Park Laundromat, Australia

"We have been working with Nayax as our preferred cashless payment partner since our founding in 2015. Nayax consistently exceeds our expectations in terms of handling cashless payments and transaction security."

Benoit Herve CEO & Co-founder, Le Bread Xpress

"Online shopping was really easy. The shipment was faster than expected. We expect more purchases!"

Sam Ingram, Assets Rule Vending Co.

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